“CSE is a human-sized company with people understanding quickly and precisely our business needs. CTS Antenne software improves broadcast management through a more efficient task distribution, a better organization and a higher productivity”

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“CSE team is real media expert with a deap knowledge of vocabulary and a complete understanding of the issues and strategy of a sales-house. Its Media Pilot software is the most complete and suitable software for a leading sales-house”

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“CTS Antenne is complete software : not specialized in a function, it really covers the entire production workflow of TV programming. Software is very intuitive to learn, user-friendly and very fluid. The very few times we have asked for support, CSE has always been reactive and available”

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Ludmilla PITOEFF

“The great strength of CSE is the hight expertise level of its teams. They have a deap knowledge of the advertising business. CSE helps us to evolve by letting us benefit from his experience with clients, major French and international media groups.”

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